Meet The Make-Up Artists 

Make-up  and hair styling are a huge part of your headshots looking refined and professional. I have two amazing artists who have worked with me for years. Each one is professional and personable, and makes my clients feel calm and relaxed. Our goal to make you look like the best version of your (natural) self. They are skilled in all races, skin tones, skin types, hair types and ethnicities. I'm so proud to have both of these ladies on my team. They help my photos come to life and bring out the best versions of my clients. 


Gwynnis Mosby 

Gwynnis Mosby is a native of Atlanta, GA and has been working with Megan since 2010. She also worked with Megan's father Brian Dougherty for almost 20 years. She is the celebrity makeup artist responsible for over 30 years  of professional makeup expertise for top-selling Grammy & Billboard-charting musicians.

In 2011, she opened the Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Artist Training Center in Tucker, GA. She has taught some of the most renowned makeup professionals in the nation. GMMA offers a comprehensive, hands-on education in all areas of professional makeup.

VS_ (4)

Valeriya Shindrova

Valeriya Shindrova is a native of Atlanta, GA and has been working with Megan since 2014. She also owns her own hair salon, VS Studio. Valeriya has trained with top industry experts such as Marietta Carter-Narcisse, Syretta L Bell, Sara Sideman-Vance and Gwynnis Mosby, and continues to regularly attend professional workshops and classes. Valeriya is also great with hair styling  (esp. curly and short hair).

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