About The Artist - megansimage

Looking back on the years as I was growing up, it should've been obvious this would become my passion and career. I watched my father create images everyday, clicking the shutter of his camera, moving lights around glamorous models, and making beautiful art.

Models, actors, entertainers, musicians, makeup artists and stylists were scattered throughout the years of my life. Most nights I would be in the darkroom with my dad as he developed the days worth of film and I would help him move prints from chemical tray to chemical tray. I knew what my dad was doing, was something different because it wasn't a 9-5; but I never really realized how different of a liofe he made. He followed his dreams and passion for photography and made it his career. As a result, I ended up loving creating art myself, and seeing what would happen..I ended up going to college for graphic design and for a few years, I worked different jobs as a designer behind a desk. After working a few hourly jobs (the GA aquarium isn't so huge after you've had to clock in and out for a while), and being a barista for over 2 years (Good morning, what size latte today?) This was not the life I was used to, and I knew I would be so unhappy if I didn't change it.

Finally, I decided to take the jump and follow in my dad's footsteps and revive their photography business which they closed in 2005. I had always carried around a little camera with me, photographing things that caught my eye and was very interested in taking it further. I knew I was intrigued by photography and how different things looked in the viewfinder and what you could do with it. It ignited a passion inside me that I had never felt before and I decided I needed to make a change. All my life I saw my parents work hard, and they were able to do as they pleased and didn't have to answer to anyone. I was tired of having to eat lunch in a 30 minute time frame, punch in and out, and really tired of daydreaming of something different than what I currently had.

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